We all want prospects to return our phone calls.

But the fact is that the majority of prospecting phone calls will never be returned, because they were bad calls to begin with!



Here are 5 ways to get a prospect to return your phone call:

1. Keep it simple and make it direct.

Don’t beat around the bush. If you want the customer to call you, ask them to do it and make sure there is a compelling reason for them to do so.

2. Give the prospect information they will value and want to receive.

When you’re leaving your message, make sure you leave them a very short statement about the key report, information, etc., that you will be happy to share with them when they call back.

3. State your message with confidence and a full voice.

Nothing will kill a prospecting call faster than a lame message.  Stand up, be focused and be deliberate with what you’re saying and most of all keep it short, not more than 15 seconds.

4. State your phone number twice and say it slowly!

Very important to give your phone number twice and be sure to give each digit. You may know what you’re saying, but your prospect doesn’t.

5. Do not leave your website or say when you’re available.

Leaving them your website gives them a way to find out about you without having to call you back.  Same thing goes for asking them to call you back at a certain time.  It’s your job to be available for the prospect.  It’s not the prospect’s job to be available for you.

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