Zimmerman_BookCover“Are you satisfied with what you are becoming?”

Ask yourself that question.

Now ask yourself this question with a real sense of self-reflection.

The author of The Payoff Principle, Dr. Alan Zimmerman, poses this question early in his book and he does it with one goal:

To get you, the reader, to question why you do what you do and more importantly, what is the purpose of what you do.

Is the author challenging us to change everything we do? No. Rather what I see Dr. Zimmerman doing brilliantly is having us assess what we do and why we do it, with the goal tweaking our lives to achieve greater results.

The book is written around a formula: Purpose + Passion + Process = Payoff.

In the book each one of these is broken down with questions and ideas on how we might make minor or even major changes to how we look at things and ultimately increase our payoff.

The value of this book and the reason I’m sharing it here with you is because I have always been a firm believer in living life with both a purpose and passion.

This book lays out much more effectively than I can the role purpose and passion play in what we can achieve.

Yes, I believe you should have The Payoff Principle on your summer reading list — or as I like to say my airplane reading list.

Grab a copy, challenge your thinking, modify what you do and let’s both make 2015 a huge success!

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