Just because you can send out a blast of information via a social media site doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. When it comes to prospecting, the social media blast is many times the worst thing you can do.

To prospect successfully you need to be able to create the one-to-one relationships that allow you as a salesperson to understand the needs of the customer and allow the customer to have confidence in us.

Thinking we can do this via mass blasts is nothing more than a waste of time. Yes, we may need to do mass blasts to get the ball rolling, but in time it must come down to a one-to-one conversation.

Having the one-to-one discussion via the Internet can be a challenge. The curse and blessing of the Internet is it means our prospects are typically much further away than ever before.   What does this mean to us? It means our messages have to be that much tighter and more relevant than ever to cut through the clutter.

We can eat “clicks” or “likes.”  We don’t eat until we sell something!

One of the biggest mistakes we tend to do when it comes to social media is jump on band wagons. If it’s hot or works from someone else, we automatically assume it will work for us. Again, this is a big mistake.

With social media, it’s not about jumping on what is trending, but jumping on what is relevant to your prospects. Just staying focused on what is relevant will go a long ways in helping to keep your social media plan from going down a rabbit hole and having nothing to show for it.

When we look at making our conversations one-to-one, we have to be cognizant of what we share and how we share it.

Last week I had a chance to do a video interview with the folks from DocuSign, and we discussed these issues and more. I suggest you watch the below interview, as I share much more about this issue of lead generation and the Internet.


The folks at DocuSign were nice enough to do the interview with me and I would strongly suggest you take a look at DocuSign to see how they can help you address the challenge of making your messages relevant and powerful, ultimately allowing you to close more deals.

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