Each morning, thank someone for something they’ve done. Nothing will help keep you in a positive mood more than thanking other people.

Recently, I heard a gentleman use the phrase,  “Engage or ignore. The choice is yours.”

Think about that for a minute and, more importantly, think about what motivates you. What gets you moving?  If you’re like the vast majority of people, one of the things is positive communication from others.   In the same way nobody likes to associate with people who are always negative.

Positive thankful people will always outsell negative, unappreciative people.   When we take the time to express thanks to people who are serving us in a restaurant,  holding open a door, or simply giving us eye contact as we walk a hallway, we’re not only helping them but we’re helping ourselves.

I’ve spent my career in sales, and there have been more than a few disappointments in failed sales and upset customers. I’m sure you know the drill.  These are all facts we will face again and again and, therefore, it’s critically important we have our own emotional batteries as charged as can be to be ready for these situations.

Look beyond yourself. Think of the impact you have on those to whom y0u simply say “thanks.”  We will never know what is going on in their lives and the challenges they are facing.  The “thank you” we share with them — the compliment we give them — may just be the one element of positive news they need to keep them going.  In the end, isn’t that far more important?

I count it a privilege to be able to come in contact with many people each day, and I take it as my responsibility to try to impact each person I meet in a positive manner.

Like many of you, I have off days where I do not always feel successful. I have my failures just like everyone else. That’s why I too appreciate the positive thank you from others. Let me say right now — thank you to each and every person who is reading this blog.

In that light, may I ask a favor of you? Please go out today and thank every person who does even the slightest thing for you.  As you say thanks to them, you’ll be saying thanks to yourself.

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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