When you’re sending an email to a person who may not know you well, do you know why it is so important to make your subject title short and clear?

I have one answer: Smartphones.  It has become increasingly common for people to handle all of their email on their phones.  What this means is that they are cruising through their email in-box on a much smaller device, and they are making quicker decisions as to where to allocate their time.

Your ability to capture someone’s attention may come down to as few as 15 characters in your subject line! Be sure you are choosing them wisely.  I wish the days still existed when we had a couple of paragraphs to really gain someone’s attention.  Sadly, though, some people are deleting emails before they even open them — based soley on the subject line.

I will even go as far as to say you should ALWAYS assume that any email you send to a customer or prospect is going to be read on a smartphone (and only a smartphone).  The more refined your writing skills become, the greater likelihood you have of sending emails that actually get read!

Your subject line matters.  More than you maybe realized.

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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