When was the last time you gave one of your customers a referral?

Our goal is to not just sell, but to help others. I get truly jazzed each time I get to help someone else by way of a referral.  At the end of the day, that’s what our role is — helping others.   Professionals like you and me are not threatened by referring our customers even to a competitor. In other words, let’s say you know of someone else who could better serve your customer in a particular area than you can.  The true professional knows it’s more important to ensure the customer is served at 110% than for themselves as the sales representative to get the sale serving the customer at 80%.

When a salesperson can refer a customer to someone else in place of taking the business, then they’ve truly reached the pinnacle of serving.   It’s a sweet spot of serving your customer…being able to put their needs above your own in this particular way.

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