Trying to satisfy all of the needs of your customers will result in lost profit. Satisfying your customer’s greatest need will maximize your profit.

Don’t try and satisfy every need of your customer. When you do, you will wind up diluting the overall value of what you’re providing your customers. You will serve the customer best by dealing with the number one need they have. By doing so, you have the privilege of helping them deal with their most critical source of pain.

Too many times, salespeople in the race to try and close a sale try to position their product or service as being a solution that will take care of nearly every problem the customer has. When the salesperson starts down this road, the customer will automatically begin to think there is something wrong. There is no way the salesperson could assure everything. If the salesperson does this, the customer will naturally begin to reject everything.

Simply put, by trying to sell everything, you will wind up selling nothing. The customer ends up losing confidence in you. Once you know the customer’s most critical need, focus your efforts on that one item. Doing so will increase the level of confidence the customer has in you and ultimately allow you to close the sale.

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