Customers will pay a premium for confidence and “risk minimization.”

Confidence sells! I can’t emphasize this enough and especially now with the economy behaving the way it is. The confidence I’m talking about is not just your own confidence, but more importantly the level of confidence the customer has about you and what you’re providing them. Customers will buy anything if they have a reason, and it starts with a level of confidence in them knowing that what you’re providing them will do what you say it will.

Confidence trumps price and it trumps all levels of discount. If a customer doesn’t have confidence in what you’re offering, what makes you think merely by discounting your price you can get them to buy? Take a look at your sales process, review each step from the questions you ask to the information you share and the manner in which you deliver it. Does each step help increase the level of confidence with the customer? The best way to find out is by asking not just the customers who have bought from you, but also from those customers who have not bought from you. What I have found time and time again is the more a salesperson can increase the level of confidence the customer has in them, the more they can charge. Yes, confidence = profit. It’s really quite simple, but for too many salespeople it breaks down even before it begins, because the salesperson’s level of sales motivation is not as high as it should be.

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