Don’t hang around with negative people.  Winners hang out with winners, and winners don’t make excuses.

With the economy in its current state, it’s more important than ever to ensure you guard very closely what is entering your mind.   Negative people can have an incredible influence on you in ways you never expect.   Rarely, does a pessimist convert a positive thinking person into a negative one in just a meeting.   However, the optimist usually doesn’t realize how their thought process has been impacted by the negative person.  The answer is quite simple: if you know a negative person, then wipe them out of your network.  You don’t have time for them and, more importantly, neither does your pocketbook.

This concept has developed from the many times I’ve found myself working with an in-house sales group.  Usually, one of the most effective solutions I’ve used to improve their sales is to weed out anyone in the group with a negative attitude, regardless of how successful they may have been.  Time and time again, the total sales of the group has risen to record highs because of the absence of negativity.

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