Don’t waste your energy complaining about others. Use it to deal with ways to improve the situation. Now that’s a energy saving idea we can all use!

Regardless of how energetic you are, energy spent on complaining about something or somebody you don’t have any control over is always wasted. The greatest assets any salesperson has are their time and intelligence. How you choose to spend the time you have each day is the easiest asset to control. There is a direct relationship between your energy level and the amount of time you have in your day. When we spend it complaining about something, we wind up placing our energy into an activity that has virtually zero return. Our complaining takes away our valuable energy and, as a result, our most prized resource: time.

Over the years, I’ve found that there is very little room for complaining among top performing salespeople. They would rather spend their energy and time developing customers and closing sales. Next time you’re about ready to start complaining about something, take a deep breath, step back and ask yourself if it is really going to be constructive.

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