Mark Hunter has recently written a white paper entitled, “Selling to the Specialty Channels: ‘Segmented Retailer Channel’ -The Value of Specialized Sales Professionals.” The following is a summary of the valuable information that it contains:

“The Segmented Retail Channel sector represents significant growth opportunities for retailers and manufacturers alike. Studies have noted that the only retail channels expected to grow at a rate faster than the GDP will be those in the Segmented Retail Channel sector. Manufacturers who fail to leverage the growth opportunities of this sector will find themselves becoming more controlled by the dominant retailers in the traditional retail channels. These same manufacturers will find themselves being hindered in not being able to market to specific demographic groups that are served primarily by the SRC sector. Although retailers in this channel will continue to experience growth in their category, their own growth will not be maximized unless they leverage the full power of the resources available through dedicated sales marketing agencies.”

To read it in its entirety, click on the link below:
“The Value of Specialized Sales Professionals”

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