Whether you operate in the northeast United States and were impacted by Sandy or not, the issue of having a contingency plan is essential.

In my job I travel extensively and I never travel without having a back-up plan with regard to flights, etc.  We need to have the same approach when it comes to our customers.

Do you plan your sales calls to get you to 100% of your number or do you plan your sales calls to get you to something higher?

How many times have we felt the plan is good, only to come up short because something did not happen as expected?

This is especially critical as we approach the end of the year.  Knowing where you can go to get more business if needed is essential.  Think of those located in the New York area and how their year-end business plans have been disrupted.   Yes, Sandy is an extreme example, but even putting the extreme aside, there are always circumstances for which we need to prepare.

With 8 weeks left in the year, take a look at your schedule, your customer list and your prospects.

Ask yourself where there are opportunities that can be turned into business this year.

Use the next two weeks to contact all old customers, since these are customers who used you at one time and are familiar with you.  You reaching out to them right now could suddenly spur them into agreeing to do more business with you between now and the end of the year.  Too many salespeople overlook the value of old customers at this time of year and I contend it can create quick business.

The challenge for each salesperson is between now and the middle of November, it is essential to make sure every customer hears from you.  You will never know what business is out there unless you reach out.

Don’t settle for just trying to get to your goal. By pushing now you can not only increase your potential of hitting your goal, but also surpassing it.

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