calendar-3Sales is a great profession!

Each year I’m in sales, I come to appreciate and respect it that much more.  One of the reasons I respect the profession so much is the ability to make a positive impact on people.

Every day, those of us in sales get to connect with numerous people.  Some of these people we know well and some we may only have a one-time encounter with.  Regardless of the number of times we may see the person, we still get to make an impact.

Is the impact you’re making a positive one or a negative one?  Is the impact you’re making centered around what it is you sell or is it centered around helping the other person?

I hope it’s around the latter, because this is really the heart of sales — helping people.  The ability to help people means we get to make an impact, and to me that is significant.

The ability to positively impact others should make you feel great, not in an egotistical way but in a respectful way.   A goal I have is to be able to positively impact each and every person with whom I come in contact. I do this first by demonstrating respect for them and second by taking an interest in them.

Will this result in closing more sales?

I can’t say I know for sure, but what I will say is I don’t care if I close more sales because of it.  When we impact others positively, we in turn are showing them how they can impact others they meet.  That right there is a huge success.

While I’ve never seen statistics that confirm this kind of approach impacts sales positively, I think common sense would tell us it does.   People want to do business with positive people.

Who will you impact today?  Who will you impact this week?

The success you have will show up in the positive difference you make for the people you meet. And don’t be surprised if it also shows up in the increased number of sales you close.

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