Ever wonder why a colleague in sales is prospering when you feel you are struggling?

Maybe they know something you don’t.

I never cease to be amazed by salespeople who continue to spiral into a pit of indifference or negativity — when they have right at their fingertips, within their circle of friends or colleagues, someone who is doing quite well with their career.

Unfortunately, the salesperson who is despairing may even feel a twinge of resentment toward the person who is succeeding.

If this in any way describes how you have felt when your sales numbers are tanking, please know that I’m not here to beat  you up.

I’m here to wake you up.

Sure, it’s great that you can read my blog and other tips on sales motivation from people you may not know personally.

BUT, what is even better is if you also can learn from someone you actually know — someone who you can sit with over lunch or coffee and pick their brain for the nuggets of wisdom you’ve been missing.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

If your fellow colleague who is experiencing success is willing to give you pointers, observations or tried-and-true methods, this is information you need to know.

It’s not that you are trying to copy the person.

It’s that you are admitting you are teachable. When you glean from their keys to success, you inevitably will boost your sales motivation.  It’s that simple.

Here are some specific questions you can ask someone you trust who demonstrates mastery in areas where you are struggling:

“How do you handle a sales call that does not go as you envisioned it would go?”

“How do you keep yourself focused when you aren’t closing the number of sales you would like to be closing?”

“How did you deal with the last difficult customer you had?”

“If you had to pick three things that help you maintain a positive attitude, what would those three things be?”

“What, if any, resources do you read to pick up new skills?”

“Do you have a way of recording your successes, so that you can look back on these?”

“When a customer wants to haggle with you on price, how do you typically respond?”

“What do you like about being in sales?”

Certainly you don’t want to bombard your colleague with all of these questions at once.  Over time, though, if you can build a solid mentoring relationship whereby you can learn from the person, you both will benefit.

You will pick up wisdom, and they will likely learn from the conversation as well, not to mention gain the satisfaction of knowing they are helping you out.  Successful people who operate with high integrity tend to have an abundance mentality.

They are not afraid to help others grow.

They do not think success is finite, reserved for only a few people.

I’d even go so far to say that you probably have more than a few people around you with a wealth of knowledge that they would be willing to share — if you would simply ask.

Think I’m crazy for even suggesting this idea?

Well, try it for six months and if you experience no noticeable positive impact on your life, career and sales motivation — just stop it.  Nothing lost.

My guess is, though, that a light bulb will shine bright for you.

You’ll realize that what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

And what you do learn CAN help you.

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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