As most of you finish your workweek today, take a few minutes and reflect back on it.  In particular reflect back on the biggest success you had.  It might have been a sale you closed or a great meeting. Maybe it was simply a phone call you were finally able to make.  Key is to end the week thinking about the most significant success you had and allow that success to occupy your mind over the weekend.

Nothing can cause more discouragement than spending time dwelling on something negative.   I kid salespeople who spend too much time in their cars that if they aren’t careful, their windshield will start talking back to them.  Worse yet as it talks back, it will do so negatively.   Don’t let that happen to you on the weekend or any other time for that matter.

If you’re thinking you had a week where things didn’t go right and you can’t think of a success, then guess what?  You’re the person who needs to do this the most.  Your sales motivation is worth it. Take your time but and I am confident you’ll remember something that went right, despite what you may feel at the time. Take that success and savor it and allow it to carry you through the weekend.

For those of you who claim to not a have a good memory, then here’s a way to make sure you will have something to reflect upon when Friday rolls around.  Take a piece of paper and write on it  “My Success.”   As you go through the week, each time you have a success of some type, write it down.  Doing this will give you not only a list of successes, but will also give you a very personal self-motivation tool you can use throughout the week.

If you want to really have fun with this, keep each week’s sheet and put them into file.  Once a quarter, go back and look at all 13 weekly sheets to see all the successes you had.  You can also use it as a way of measuring your progress as you’ll find what you saw as a big accomplishment one week can wind up becoming an everyday occurrence a year or so later.

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