The last few weeks, I’ve been spending a lot of time with very seasoned salespeople from several different industries.  These are some very capable people who are professional and mature in their sales process. At the same time, though, their level of sales motivation is not always where it should be and their sales performance is not quite what it should be.

My sense is the reason for these dynamics starts with their lack of initiative in learning each day more about their customers and more about their own sales process.   I love asking the question,  “What did you learn today and how will you use it tomorrow?”   I love asking this question to get people thinking on a daily basis about the importance of continuous learning.

The rate at which industries, the economy and other factors change is staggering. Salespeople who become complacent in their own self-discipline will inevitably fall behind the salespeople who are proactive.  Take the time and initiative to actively learn about your customers — their needs, what has changed in their company or industry, new circumstances affecting their ability or inability to buy, etc.  Also evaluate your own sales process to see where you can improve or change your technique for the better.  Your sales motivation deserves this kind of attention.

So, I’m asking… “What did you learn today and how will you use it tomorrow?”

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