What are the voices in your head telling you?

Sales motivation is all about momentum, and I’m always amazed at how much of that momentum is based on what I’ll refer to as the voices in your head.

We all have them. It’s only natural.

The problem is when too many of these voices or thoughts are negative.

For many salespeople, the voices start popping up when a customer says “no” or a sales prospect, who you thought was going to be good, turns out to be nothing. Other times the voices could pop up when a really great long-term customer calls to complain or express they just talked to a competitor of yours.

None of these events are significant and they really shouldn’t rattle a strong salesperson, but too many times, they translate into negative voices rattling the brain.

It’s all about momentum and how your own brain impacts it.

Don’t try to eliminate the voices in your head; rather turn the voices into a cheering squad for you.   Make the voices be some of your best assets in driving your sales motivation.

Start by making a list at the end of each day of the positive successes you had.  Put these into a journal.  Take the really big success you have and write them in bold letters, even use a different color to highlight them.

Use this journal as a tool you can read from each time you think the voices are starting to move in a negative direction.   You’ve had far more success in sales than you realize. The problem is we can allow ourselves to remember the negatives more easily than the positives.

Using this journal idea gives you a quick tool to wipe any of those negative thoughts out of your mind and turn the voices into a positive choir.

If you’re serious about this, do yourself a real favor — keep a journal like this not only when things aren’t going fantastic, but also when things are going great.   Keeping it up to date regardless of what is going on will give you some great reading material if and when your momentum starts to stall and the negativity starts to creep in.

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