I recently finished reading Kevin Davis’ new book, “Slow Down, Sell Faster!”  What a great book to boost your sales motivation!

The title of the book is what first caught my attention, because it runs totally counter to what we’ve been told about trying to close the deal quickly.  Davis does a great job of laying out what happens when we sell too fast — not only can we lose out on sales, but also on profit.

One section of the book deals exclusively with giving the reader ideas as to how to leverage knowledge and how to gain from the customer the knowledge needed to close not just the initial sale, but also the next sale.  I particularly like his idea of having to know three pieces of information about your customer that your competitor does not know. This is a GREAT way to assess what you do know about your customer. (Most of us do not know as much as we could, so Davis’ prompting is ideal).

Davis’ practical tips make the book not only a very comfortable read, but also one chock full of ideas that you can use immediately. One other feature you’ll notice when reading the book is the way he highlights tips and uses very simple diagrams to visually communicate what he has written.

Finally, the end of the book has a chapter dedicated to sales managers to help them understand how they can use the ideas with their sales teams.   If I were a sales manager, not only would I read the book, I would also make it required reading for all of my salespeople.  This book is perfect for use in sales meetings and one-on-one coaching between a sales manager and his or her salespeople.

To find out more about the book, visit www.SlowDownSellFaster.com. Kevin Davis is the president of Top Line Leadership, a sales management and training company.

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