sales-motivation-energySalespeople who always seem to be tired and simply can’t get things done tend to be the salespeople who have a level of sales motivation that is anything but rock star positive.

Each year I meet thousands of salespeople in a wide variety of situations from sales meetings to sales calls.

One thing stands out every time is the salesperson who is highly motivated is the one with the highest level of energy.

I see the same thing in my own job.

When I’m highly motivated, the work is effortless and knows no limits.  Not only does it result in more work getting done, but it also results in better work getting done.

Ask yourself if this is the same for you.

For the vast majority of salespeople, the answer is the same as mine.  High output equals high motivation.

Now we have to ask ourselves the question as to why that is the case.  Does the output drive the motivation or does the motivation drive the output?   I’ll argue it’s the motivation that drives the output.   If you ask me why, I honestly don’t know, but let’s just say it’s part of my optimistic outlook on things.

If we accept that motivation drives energy, which in turn drives results, then we should take a look at what we can do to improve our motivation.

Next Monday I’ll be sharing a list of the things I believe every salesperson needs to do if they want to be in a position to have maximum energy.

Until next week, take a look around. Watch other salespeople. Look to see if you find a connection between motivation and energy.  Watch those who have the high motivation and energy, and then ask yourself if they’re the ones achieving the better numbers. I’m going to say what you will see is a direct connection.

Look for my list next Monday on questions you can ask yourself regarding your level of sales motivation.  Until then, here’s to phenomenal sales motivation!

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