So much about sales motivation is about what you do. But sometimes it’s about what you don’t do. This can be a tough one for salespeople, because we tend to feel very comfortable talking. But the real path to success in life and in sales is found in listening, which means you will have to go against what may be your natural tendency of talking. I know this isn’t anything you haven’t heard. The values of listening are heralded from every roof top and sales motivation corner. But hearing about something isn’t the same as actually doing it.

In your interactions with your customers over the next week, make an intentional effort to listen. (And by “listening” I don’t mean “thinking about what you are going to say once the other person is done talking.”)

When you listen… truly listen… you get at the heart of what is causing your customer pain and what your customer wants. And here’s the kicker — a customer may not come right out and say these things directly. You will have to listen closely to hear the subtle changes in voice or haphazard comments interspersed in a conversation that reveal their pains and wants.

The customer’s pains and wants are your path to reach the top of your sales game. Only when you really listen will you discover what they are.

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