There is much talk today about social media and the impact it does or doesn’t have on business. While the debate rages on, I think we can all agree that one thing is certain: the presence of social media continues to grow.

Many have commented on how social media is a great avenue to grow your business. This is worth consideration. But I challenge you to see as much value in the way such applications like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter generate dialogue. And where there is dialogue, great sales motivation ideas are bound to surface. If you choose to participate in social media, don’t let it suck up all your time, but DO glean from all the tremendous information out there floating around. For me personally, I know I am continually coming across nuggets of gold that boost my own motivation and, in turn, equip me to motivate others. Social media also allows you to stay informed on trends in your industry.

Never before have you had greater access to the tools and information that can better equip you in your sales career. As for me, I just added a page on Facebook. You can become a fan by searching The Sales Hunter. I’m looking forward to what we will all learn along the way.

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