I’ve been in the midst of a two-week trip to Singapore and India training salespeople from a number of Asian countries. Each time I travel outside of the United States, I always marvel at the quality of sales talent I encounter. It’s amazing the depth of sales experience and the skill level of people I meet.

For me this is always a great learning experience, because it helps me realize how I can never take my own sales skills for granted. I’m able to see how the internet has truly shrunk our sales world and it renews my senses to the fact that we are truly in a global economy. Our competition is not just the person down the street, but it is also the person around the world. Sales is one of those professions that is truly global. Even though each market or country has its own distinct traits, the concept of selling is unchanged.

Thank you to all of the salespeople I had a chance to meet and learn from. It’s always engaging to meet new people! May we all find ways to learn from each other and find ways to open up new opportunities.

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