We’re nearing the end of the year and often salespeople tell themselves it’s okay to slow down. If you find yourself approaching the end of the year with dismal momentum, there is a better option than simply thinking you’ll just pick up speed at the beginning of the year.

Instead, seek out new motivational material NOW that will give you fresh insights on your sales process or goals. There are many great sites and resources out there for FREE. Glean from these so you can begin 2010 at a quick pace that you set well before Dec. 31 rolled around.

Recently, www.salesgravy.com ran one of my articles on pricing. Browse around the site and you will discover numerous resources from salespeople facing many of the situations you likely face. You might be surprised at the tips and perspectives you pick up along the way.

Don’t wait for 2010 to boost your sales motivation. You have it in you to boost it now!

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