The year-end push is underway. I’m always amazed at the number of companies that have funds available to make purchases as the year draws to a close.  For most companies, there are slightly less than 3 months left in the fiscal year. When one fiscal year ends, a new one is coming, and that means budgets will all be reset.

Make sure you know what the fiscal year status is for each of your customers and prospects. Make the time now to focus more sales effort against them.  Primary objective is to make sure you’re able to have any remaining year-end funds allocated to you. Even if those sales don’t happen, you at least will be raising awareness among your customers so they will keep you in mind for the upcoming budget.  The contact you make now with your buyers is crucial.

Year-end can either elevate or kill your sales motivation. If year-end has typically been a stressful experience for you, be proactive now to determine what you can do differently to keep the stress at bay.  The momentum you gain now will give you a good frame of reference for a positive start to the new year in just a few moments.

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