Sales motivation will make or break far more sales calls than we ever will admit.  Too many people use sales motivation like they would a hand-tool.  I’d rather think of it as a power tool.  If a person is going to reach the truly top level of selling, they have to think of sales motivation in this way. It’s a tool that when powered up will allow them to achieve far more than they ever thought possible.


As much as we expect sales motivation to come from our boss, our company, and/or our peers, it really comes from within.  The person who relies on others to motivate them will always be the person who uses sales motivation as a hand-tool.


Here are 6 things you can do right now to help ensure you’re using sales motivation as a power-tool.


  1. At the end of each day, identify one area of success you had, savor the victory, and commend yourself for it.  (It might be something as small as merely having a prospect return a phone call or it might be closing a nice sale.)
  2. Spend time on yourself.  Give yourself 15 minutes each day to build your mental faculty by reading and reflecting on the positive things in your life.  Also, be sure to exercise minimally 3 times per week following a routine that allows you to both break a sweat and increase your heart rate.
  3. Watch what you listen to and view.  Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into listening to radio programs or television shows that are dealing with the negative aspects in life.  I hate to say it, but many of our news anchors and even sports shows spend more time in “angry mode” than they need to. These programs will subconsciously alter your own perspectives.
  4. No matter what happens around you, always look for the positive, and whatever you do, don’t allow it to effect your physical or mental state.  Keep in mind, more often than not, it’s your response that impacts you rather than the actual event.
  5. Attach yourself to positive, big-thinking people.  We often see the flip side of this in professional sports.  A promising, young star gets taken down because they won’t let go of the friends they grew up with.
  6. Set your goals beyond anything you ever dreamed imaginable.  Then set intermediate goals which will help you achieve the top goal.


Don’t think for a minute that I’ve listed everything it takes to motivate yourself.  One of the key things I’ve learned over the years is that every person is motivated in different ways.  Realize that motivation in Sales is up to you.  Don’t allow your motivational level to be determined by others.

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