Unless you’re willing to be held accountable, there is no way you will ever accomplish meaningful goals.  Sure, you can accomplish goals without being held accountable, but I’ll argue that 95% of the time, those goals are ones you’d achieve no matter what. They are, in fact, easy goals.

Real growth occurs when you accomplish goals that push you to a level of performance that is beyond what you expect. The only way you will really do that is by being willing to hold yourself accountable to someone else who will challenge and prod you to achieve that higher level of success.  More importantly, if you allow yourself to be accountable to the right people, they will then be the ones who will help you determine what needs to be done to help you achieve the goal.

So today think at least one person who you trust and who isn’t afraid to ask you the tough questions about the status of your goals.  You could even have different accountability partners for different sets of goals.  This way, you are always gathering fresh insights and ideas on what it is going to take to keep you on a track of high sales motivation and sales success.

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