Your level of sales motivation is driven by you and you alone; however, the environment you run in, the people you talk to, and the things you read impact how you drive your sales motivation. If you’re in a company that is struggling, don’t hang around with these same people after work and steer clear of their water cooler discussions.

Instead, seek people outside of your company who can be a positive influence. Just as playing up-tempo music while you’re working out will increase your physical output, hanging out with positive people will increase your sales motivation.

Even if you don’t believe you’re in a negative environment, there are still people you are encountering who are negative. Limit your involvement with them and fill that time with positive people. It doesn’t matter how much you think you can be a positive influence on the negative people and somehow magically turn them into a positive influence. The risk is just too high that their negativity will wear off on you. It’s your sales career. It’s your sales motivation. Only you can truly drive it.

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