It’s not only important for you to have a high degree of sales motivation, but also for your customers to have a high degree of sales motivation towards you. These customers would be willing to make a sale for you. You do this by creating sales advocates—people who are so impressed with what you offer and/or the way you sell that they tell others about you even without you asking. If you haven’t obtained any sales like this, then you probably don’t have any sales advocates or, more importantly, your sales process and/or service may not be measuring up to what people expect.

In my conversations with salespeople, I’m often shocked at the number that are unable to generate any business from referrals. However, as we talk, it soon becomes evident that they are not very motivated themselves. The two go hand-in-hand. Salespeople who are motivated will, by the very nature of their motivation, create customers that are motivated to recommend them to others.

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