Salespeople are only successful long-term when their level of sales motivation is high. Many times I’ve watched salespeople experience either a huge roll of success or a valley of failure for what appears to be no reason at all. Far too many times, it is all due to how they perceive their day, week or month is going to be.

The phrase I hear is “if only….” I get very tired of hearing this, because it always pushes the expectation off to some future outcome. Success lies in how you are willing to take, accept and respond to each situation that occurs. A very simple activity each salesperson needs to do is to always find the positive in each activity in which they are involved. From the simplest email to the most complex sales call, always look for the positive. Take the positive and reinforce it in your mind.

This does not mean you ignore what goes wrong. On the contrary, you embrace what went wrong, learn from it and take something positive from it. Sales motivation is up to you. Your success does not lie with anyone but you. The sooner you embrace that perspective, the more determined you will become to live it.

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