Sales motivation is huge right now.  The need to remain motivated and focused is at the top of the list.

Lately, I’ve been reading where people who call themselves “sales experts” are suggesting things like kicking back and relaxing, going on vacation, etc. since there’s no business out there anyway.  This blows me away!  I can’t believe anyone who calls themselves a “sales expert” or a “sales motivation expert” would ever profess to say something like this.  Don’t get me wrong, relaxing is fine, but if you’re truly motivated, then you’ve got passion.  If you’ve got passion, then the last thing you want to do is dial it down.

I find myself being more driven now than ever.   The reason is simple: I find sales to be a kick in the pants.  I’m not saying it’s not hard.  There can be tough times, but the sweet smell of success far outweighs the tough times.  For me, it’s important to avoid both negative people and print, regardless of the form it may take.  Today’s news is way too depressing, especially when talking about the economy.  I’m not advocating ignoring the news.  Just know when you’re ready to receive it and then take it in stride.  Don’t spend your valuable time surfing web news sites just to find out about another company going bankrupt.  Spend your valuable time associating with the positive influences in your life.

An example in my own life is how and when I read the Wall Street Journal.  Due to its recent negativity, I have been reading them minimally a day or two late or saving the week’s worth of copies for reading on Saturday.  If you know me well, you know this is a radical change for me because I have always prided myself on reading the news early and often.  However, I’ve now changed my habits because I want to remain motivated.  My level of sales motivation dictates my level of success, and when I monitor what I’m filling my mind with, I increase my sales success ratio.

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