Summer is here and that means a change in schedules.  No matter who you are, it seems as if summer creates havoc on schedules and we end up getting out of some routines and find ourselves in others.  For salespeople this can spell trouble.  Don’t allow the distractions of summer to take you away from your selling goals in prospecting, etc.  If you allow yourself to slack off during these hot months, I guarantee you will not only find your business slipping now, but, more importantly, you’ll find it far harder to gear back up later on.  Use the nice weather and the energy everyone seems to have during the summer to your advantage by not just maintaining your prospecting schedule, but actually increasing it.  I’ve said this many times in the past, but your routines and your discipline will establish your level of sales motivation and your level of sales motivation will determine your sales attitude.  Your sales attitude drives your sales results.

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