If we want our customers and others to see us as a sales leader, we have to ask ourselves if we’re living up to personal leadership.

Each week we hear of another leader — whether it be in business, sports, politics or society in general — being taken down due to their personal behavior.  It’s a travesty, because in today’s world we need leaders more than ever.

The role you play might appear to be minor, but we can’t forget regardless of how minor it might seem, our responsibility is to first deliver on our responsibility to lead ourselves.  The more we’re seen as demonstrating personal leadership, the more confidence others will place in us.  I refer to this as your “leadership integrity quotient.”

Writing about this topic is a real issue for me, as the last thing I want to do is put myself on a pedestal.  People on pedestals get knocked off of them!

Your “leadership integrity quotient” is not a number you run around and broadcast; it’s simply the way you handle yourself in good and bad times in public and in private.  The outcome of having a high “leadership integrity quotient” is seen in the ability to make clear decisions, and in so doing, be able to lift up those around you.

Ask yourself if those you lead and your customers would say they see in you the ability to make clear decisions and follow through on them in a manner that lifts up others.  Sales is a profession for which I continue to develop more respect each year, as we are truly at a point in time where the value of salesperson and the value of a leader are truly one in the same.

Count it a privilege each day to live out your leadership and to have the ability to lift up those around you.


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