leadershipLet me share with you my definition of a leader:

A leader is one who helps others see and achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

Let me share with you my definition of a top-performing salesperson:

A top-performing salesperson is one who helps others see and achieve things they didn’t think were possible

Notice the difference between the two definitions?   There wasn’t a difference! The definitions are the same, and this is why I say sales leadership is not an oxymoron.

In fact, it is the core of what makes a great leader and a great salesperson.

The ability to lead is having the ability to solicit opinions, communicate ideas and ultimately have those being led see the value in the expected outcome. Again, this is exactly the same as what a great salesperson does.

If you’re reading this and you’re in sales, be proud of the profession and the job you do.

To be successful it requires you to behave as a leader, not just when you’re trying to close a sale, but throughout the entire process. Great salespeople take the concept of sales leadership to everything they do.

To them, it’s a 24/7 lifestyle.

Leadership is the difference why some organizations succeed and others fail. However, leadership is not just something done by the people at the very top of the organization.

Leadership is something that must exist at every level of the organization and be exhibited by every member of the organization.

Leadership isn’t about titles. It isn’t about organizational charts.

It’s about helping others see and achieve things they didn’t think were possible. Regardless of what you’re tasked with doing or the customers with whom you interact, the ability to exhibit leadership never goes away.

Sales leadership. It’s not an oxymoron.

It’s a lifestyle that creates positive outcomes.


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