If you were to ask somebody to describe you in one word, what would they say? How different would their word be from how you describe yourself? Your reputation is your equity. Often, it is the reason the customer responds to or ignores you.

The image that the customer has of us in his/her head is what they use to filter everything we say. It is our image that causes the customer to be confident or skeptical about the claims we make. Sometimes, it is even our reputation that determines if a sale will be made.

We may say, “oh that person has an inflated ego,” or “they have tons of blindspots.” In this, we quickly point out other’s faults without taking a moment to look at ourselves and notice that we have similar defects. Leadership begins internal, but it definitely has external impact so we must be mindful of our image.

Something that compounds this topic of image is how people look at us in different lights. Some may only see us in perfect “Pollyanna” type of environments. Others may only interact with us in difficult, stressful environments. This is why a customer may view us one way and a fellow employee views us in another. Our goal should be to have the same image/reputation in every situation, regardless of the circumstances. Yes, this is a tall task! I’ll admit that sometimes I fall short. Few people can claim consistency in every situation all of the time.

Right now, I want to challenge you to write down a list of words that you feel describe you. Put yourself in the shoes of those near you as you make your list. This exercise is your own 360-degree feedback tool. Be hard on yourself and at the same time aspirational. The purpose of doing this is not just to measure your past but help you in the future.

Your reputation is an asset and each day, your actions allow the asset to grow or shrink in value.

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