Would you like to know a sales leadership secret?  There isn’t a secret sales process. The business of sales is fundamentally about people connecting with people.  Sales is about people doing what they do best, helping others.  Does the simplicity of this surprise you?  I’m passionate about sales because when we help people, we’re serving them. With each person I meet, I earn the right, privilege, honor and respect to meet with that person again. My goal isn’t to simply sell, it’s to connect with and serve others.

Watch this 40-second video on connecting with people:

Nearly every week, I find myself on several flights encountering people going all directions in the mosh pit we refer to as, an airport. During my time in each airport, there are people navigating the journey well and others who are clearly not making the best of their own journey.  As the holidays draw near, life can get stretched in so many ways. It is during these stressed times, we need to be the sales leaders we are capable of being.  When I’m sitting on a flight, regardless of how a person is handling their own situation, I can’t allow it to derail me from my ultimate goal to earn the right, privilege, honor and respect of whomever I encounter.

I challenge you to think about the journey you are on and those around you. Who will you come in contact with today? What can you do to help make their day a better day?  Sales leaders don’t have to think about this second question, it is baked into their DNA. The ability to help others is what leadership is all about. It’s not complex. It’s not a secret process that requires years of learning.  No, sales is a process we all can do everyday with each person we meet.

You might say, but how does this impact my sales? And I would say, it is the foundation from which your sales are built upon.  The outlook you have and your view of others is what sets the tone for how you will see each sales opportunity.  It’s not good enough to only be in “sales mode” when you’re in front of a customer.  If that’s your approach, you’ll never see the full opportunity. To be your best in front of customers means to be your best in front of everyone—even in an airport.

So, what is sales? Sales is people connecting with people in order to serve.

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