Sales requires two parties to come to an agreement.  This means there must be a level of engagement between the two parties.  Many salespeople mistakenly believe that it does not really require them to talk to the customer.  Rather, they assume that if they just think about calling them or think about the sale, it will magically appear.  


Success in sales is directly related to the level and frequencies of the engagements that the salesperson is willing to have.  Ask yourself this question:  How much of your day is truly spent engaged with the customer?  Most salespeople would respond that they are communicating with customers all day long.  When pushed, they then begin to admit that the time they spend truly engaged with their customers is minimal because of everything else they have to do. 


The more of your selling day that you are connecting with customers and prospects, the more sales you’ll close.  (Keep in mind, however, that the quality of an engagement is certainly worth a lot.) 

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