Do you want to get up on the deicing truck to deice the plane so it can take off safely?

Think about that for a moment. That is a job I would not want to have. In fact, I look around out there behind me and I can see other vehicles, too. There are some luggage carts, power trucks, power tugs, et cetera. I think about how all of those vehicles required to put a plane in the air.

In this Mornings with Mark, I’m talking about all of the other things that we need to keep ourselves going. What are we doing to keep resources around us?

I am recording this in February as we are in the middle of a deep freeze and hearing stories of power being cut to millions of homes across the country. There just are not enough resources or reserves. The state of Texas is going through some major issues right now because of it.

Now, I am not going to get into a situation talking about why that is, but it really comes down to having the tools, reserves and resources to be able to call on. For instance, that deicing truck is needed to enable that airplane to fly.

We have to have reserves. What are the reserves that you have?

Who are the people that you have in your life that you can call on to help you out?

Who are the other activities and other things you can rely on to help you get through situations?

The only way we get through life is when we have resources and reserves to help us. Just as we need resources and reserves, we need to be the resources and resedusrves to other people.

My question for you is: Are you as willing to be a resource for somebody else as they are for you?

Great selling.

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