futureAre you wasting too much energy kicking yourself over how something yesterday or last week or even last month just didn’t go right?

Knock it off!

Only thing you’re doing is wasting your energy.

Worse yet, you’re messing with your mind and chipping away at your sales motivation.

Put the past behind you. Move on.  Don’t sweat your mistakes. We all make them!

I’m reminded of this each time I watch a great athlete in any sport lose a game. Are they bummed?  Yes, they are absolutely beside themselves for losing a game, but as quickly as they may feel bummed, they get over it and move on. They know the past doesn’t last, and the best way to get back on top is by preparing now for the next opportunity.

If athletes use this approach, then why shouldn’t we use it?

Yesterday is done. It’s gone and isn’t that fantastic?   It sure is, and with it being gone that means everything we messed up on is gone too.

Since it’s today, that means it’s a new day! And that means we can start the day fresh and ready to make it something spectatuclar.

Athletes don’t go into a game dwelling on how they blew the last game.  No, they’re totally focused on winning the current game.  For salespeople, it tends to be the opposite.

Salespeople are quick to take all of the baggage they can carry into the next sales call.

Quit looking back. Focus on the call you’re about to make.

One of the best ways you can do this is by having a physical action you do that becomes part of your mind game to wipe out stuff you don’t want popping back into your mind.   It might be something as simple as wiping your hands or wiping your feet, but adopt something and start doing it each time you leave a call that simply didn’t go right.

Use the action as way of getting it behind you.

The sooner you put the bad call behind you, the sooner you can focus on the next call and, more importantly, focus on being successful.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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