Salespeople are quick to call me to ask how they can be successful in sales when they’re stuck selling what they believe is something their customers don’t want. It’s time to stop blaming what you sell as the reason for your struggles.

Not only is it time stop blaming what you sell, but it’s also time to stop blaming how you sell. Yes, I said it correctly. It’s time to even stop blaming how you sell. Think about that and remember I’m the person who wrote the book on prospecting.

Here’s the deal. What you sell and how you sell are small potatoes compared to why you sell. If you can’t address the question as to why you sell, then no process and no product or service is going to create long-term success for you.

Sales is all about helping the customer. That is “why” you do what you do. Unless you’re 100% committed on the why you sell — helping others — you’ll have little chance of long-term success in sales.

You might ask, “How can I have a ‘why’ when what I sell is something I don’t believe in?”

To me that’s an easy one to answer, because it comes down to a simple premise. Are you helping the customer achieve a desired outcome? If so, then that’s your why. If you’re not helping the customer achieve an outcome they desire, then you’re pulling a con game.

The sales profession offers you the privilege to help others.  For me this is the single biggest thing that jazzes me each day.  Stop and ask yourself how you’ve helped people and how the outcome you provide customers benefits them.   Make a list of all of these things and step back, and as you read the list, you’ll find yourself getting excited about the benefit you bring.

The more you focus on the why you sell, the more passionate you will become about why you sell. When you’re passionate about something, it’s amazing what can and will happen. Suddenly what you sell and even how you sell becomes secondary to why you sell.


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