I just got done hearing an interview regarding the findings of a consultant regarding the state of a particular industry.

His findings were the industry has gone through tough times due to things bigger than the industry itself, namely the economy.

The consultant stated how no one in this industry should be feeling bad their business is down, because it’s outside of their control what happens.

I’m sorry but that sucks!

That’s like saying just saying just because the weather is bad I’m not having a good day.  Sorry, unless you must be 100% exposed to the weather, then you do have choices.

Accepting macro conditions for your micro outcomes might work in the world of economics, but it doesn’t work for anyone who has their act together.

When we allow ourselves to excuse our poor performance on things bigger than us, the only thing we may wind up doing is feeling better for a brief time.  I say a “brief time” because in the end it still doesn’t change things unless you do something about it.

Plain and simple, you’re in control of you. No one else or no other thing is in control of you.

You are unique. There’s no two of you and, therefore, you and your company can’t be defined by conventional norms.

If your sales are not where they need to be, making an excuse based on the industry you’re in or the overall economy isn’t going to help you.  A better approach is to do something about your situation.

If you rely on the growth of the industry or changes in the economy to drive your business, then you can expect to never be any better than average.

Steve Jobs never settled for average at Apple or Pixar.  Jeff Bezos never settles for merely being average at Amazon or any of his other ventures.

Why should you?

Now for full disclosure: The consultant I was listening to was talking about the speaking industry. As you can imagine, this hits home for me because it’s what I do for a living.

Needless to say, I listened and then ignored it all.

I look at myself as not being in an industry of many. I look at myself as being an industry of one — me.

How do you look at yourself?

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