Prospecting for Clients: How do you know when it’s right to stop calling on what you thought was a perfect prospect? You never ever stop calling on a prospect! Rather, you slow the process down to ensure that you don’t waste your time. The key to determining when they’re no longer a good prospect is if they’ve stopped sharing with you crucial information or information that would not be readily available to others. Prospects who are turning back into suspects are many times those people who will continue to be courteous to you, but won’t extend you any new information or give you their best time. If you decide they’re no longer a hot prospect, then move the person further down in your sales process and let your communication with them be through your on-going marketing campaigns. At a later time, you can leave them a voice mail message asking them to call you back. If they don’t, then certainly they’re still a suspect. If they do call you back, don’t rush to schedule a live meeting. Rather, use the phone call as a way to see if they’re willing to provide you with some information, etc. If they quickly provide you some, then consider them back on the prospect list. If they don’t, then keep them on your suspect / marketing list.

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