If you think lowering price is the only way to snag more sales, you are hurting your bottom line and your sales motivation.

Business is done today dramatically different than it was just a few years ago and yet too many salespeople have not changed their selling style.

If we don’t keep our selling style current to the business climate, it only serves to reason we’re going to have trouble closing sales.   Many salespeople today are struggling to make their numbers and although the reasons can be quite varied, for many it comes down to how they approach the customer.

Two new techniques that I believe are essential are what I call:  “+ marketing” and “stalking marketing.”   Whatever you think those terms mean, I can almost guarantee you’re going to be wrong.

Watch the video to hear me explain how to use these two tools to help you reach your prospects more effectively.

If you decline to watch the video, you do so at your own expense. The reason I say this is because your prospects and customers are basing many of their buying decisions off of the two concepts.

Does this change your mind?  It should, because if this is how your customers are making their decisions, it only stands to reason you would want to know too.

The Sales Hunter Video: Selling More in Today’s Economy

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