Here’s a quick sales tip regarding voicemail:

If you’re going to leave a voicemail message, avoid using a bluetooth device or any other type of headset. I’m amazed at the number of voicemail messages that are extremely hard to hear and/or understand. The vast majority of time, this is due to the use of portable headsets, etc. If you’re doing any kind of prospecting through voicemail messages, you’re already at a disadvantage because the majority of them will not be returned. So, why make it any harder on yourself? Use a headset when initially making the call, but when you get sent to voicemail, reach for the handset to ensure the message is as clear as possible. (By the way, to the the three of you who left me voicemail messages today, sorry but there’s no way I could decipher who you are or what you were trying to sell me.)

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