A recent question was posed of “The Sales Hunter”:

“I call almost exclusively on C-level people. Getting their attention, response and return calls is really an issue. Any thoughts on the virtue of e-mail vs snail mail vs telelphone?”

The best way to reach C-level people is to use every technique: voice mail, e-mail, regular mail, fax, etc. It is very important that you not allow yourself to become dependent on any single method since what you might think is the best means may not be one they pay any attention to. Email, for instance, might be the easiest, but with the level of spam filters in place, it’s amazing what doesn’t go through. Keep in mind that one of the main reasons to communicate with c-level people through multiple methods is to allow the gatekeeper to get used to seeing you. This is another reason not to be sending a ton of sales materials to them no matter how good you think they are. The key is to send the c-level person information they will find helpful in their job. I like to send industry articles, information regarding changes in government regulations, and other things they will find beneficial. By sending this type of information, they will begin to think of you in a different light.

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