Staying motivated is key, especially in 2009. In late December, I asked my readers to take a quick sales motivation survey and we’ve now calculated the results. We will be posting them one question a day for the next week on this blog, along with my commentary on what was concluded.

Consider the results as a primer or gauge of your level of sales motivation and what you need to do from a sales development or sales training standpoint to succeed in the coming year. Personally, I’m very bullish on 2009. I believe it’s going to be a year full of challenges, but I’ve always been a strong believer in seeking out challenges because they offer the greatest rewards.

Based on the results of this survey, I’m in the process of developing a new sales motivation program I’ll be announcing in the next two weeks. The objective of the program will be to help motivate you to achieve success in 2009. I’m also looking forward to running this sales survey again about midway through the year to gain a pulse on what people are thinking.

Look for the results of the first question here tomorrow.

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