What I’m about to say is going to be seen as controversial by many of you, but I’m going to say it because I believe it.

It starts with the conversation I’ve had with far too many salespeople who tell me they have to cut their price to be successful.

They think if they don’t, the customer is going to buy from someone else.

The argument is based on how there are so many competitors out there and many of them have great stuff and are able to sell at a price more attractive than they can.

The argument is then bolstered by saying how if they could improve their product or do something different, then they could avoid having to discount to close the sale.

They argue how management won’t listen and do anything, so it means they’re stuck offering a lower price if they expect to get the sale.

Screw it!

I’m serious!

It’s time to go pound sand and sit in the corner. The problem is not what you sell! The problem is you!

Don’t freak out yet. Let me explain, because I now know I have your attention.

Regardless of what you sell, there will always be competitors that are offering something very similar if not nearly identical.   If you happen to have a product no one else can copy — great, but I humbly advise you to simply give it time and there will be a competitive version out soon.

This means being able to command a price higher than what your competitors are selling based on the product you sell is simply not going to be possible.

The only reason you’re going to be able to command a higher price is because of YOU!  It’s what you bring to the customer.  The only sustainable competitive advantage is YOU! 

It’s not what you sell! It’s why you sell that makes the difference.

The “why” is the value and insights you bring to the customer. It’s how you allow your customer to see their opportunities and to deal with their problems.

You increase the price you are able to get when you demonstrate your value to the customer.

What are you bringing to your customers that your competitors are not?  That right there is the sole reason why you will or will not be able to command full price.

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