A reader recently asked: I have a couple of prospects whom I call on who just never pick up! (or return my call). I sometimes wonder if they have caller ID, but in a corporate setting, I think it is unlikely. Both prospects have expressed (mild) interest in the past, enough to keep me calling. I am friends with the “significant other” of one prospect, and she has encouraged me to call the prospect. I use the “three calls & leave a message” method that I learned from you, but to no avail. I am feeling frustrated enough to stop calling, but I’m not sure that is the best thing to do. Do I just keep calling, and hope that I will eventually get a response? When do I say “enough is enough, they are simply not interested in my services”?”

The Sales Hunter’s response: This is a common problem. Many corporate phones have caller ID so you might be right, but don’t stop! Try switching your method of contacting them to email and mail. Contact twice with both and then go back to calling. You may also want to try calling from a different phone. The worst case is you’re out a few minutes of time and that’s a good investment since they did show interest. (Remember, until they give you some proprietary information, they are only a suspect.)

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