I’m digging deeper into 8 Ways to Increase Your Price. This is part 1 of an 8-part series to explore each of the 8 ways.

There’s no better place to start than believing in what you sell.

1. Believe in what you sell – If you don’t believe 125% in what you sell and how your customers will benefit, then there is no way you will be able to convey to your customer why the higher price makes sense.

Sadly, so many salespeople do not genuinely believe in their products and services.  Don’t be one of those salespeople.

Doubters never win!

How can anyone be expected to convince anyone of anything if they themselves don’t believe it? There’s no way I could convincingly tell someone I was going to give them $1 million dollars.  Sure I might be able to fake it for a bit, but I’m sure the other person would see through me pretty quickly.

The same thing holds true for salespeople when they’re trying to close a deal or get an existing customer to accept a price increase.  In both cases, the likelihood of the salesperson being successful is pretty slim if they themselves don’t believe it.  It’s amazing how a salesperson’s own doubt could and does wind up costing them money.

This is one reason why I continue to believe the discussion about price is more in the salesperson’s mind than it is in the mind of the customer. If the salesperson has any doubts, then the customer will have doubts. The two go hand in hand.

The key to overcoming this problem is, of course, for the salesperson to believe 125% in how they can help the customer.

I’ve put together the following suggestions that you, the salesperson, should follow:

  • Believe in how you will be helping the customer achieve a better outcome.  Focus on the outcome, not the price.
  • View the price not as what the customer will spend but on what they invest.  People don’t want to buy just to throw away money.  They will, however, invest if they feel they’re going to get something to help them overcome a problem.
  • Never talk about the investment with the customer until they’ve provided to you their specific needs or desired benefits.
  • View in your mind how your price should be 20% more than what you’re asking the customer for today.
  • View the sale as another step in a continuing relationship with the customer.
  • View yourself as a leader and be proud of how you help people.
  • Always keep with you the testimonials of other customers you’ve assisted and, in particular, keep with you the specific reasons why they like you and what you provide them.

In the weeks to come, I’ll share more on the 8 ways to increase price. Be sure to read the original post at the following link: 8 Ways to Increase Your Price.

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