Recently I’ve been on a personal mission to use more OPiuM, and I like how I feel.

I like what I see and I really like the end result. It comes down to being willing to let go. I’ve found that has been my problem for far too long — I haven’t been willing to experiment and try new things.

This is why I’m loving OPiuM now that I’ve found it.

I’m being very candid and open when I say how much this has impacted me.  I’m not holding back anything and I’ve come to believe there is nobody reading this who can’t benefit and enjoy the same things I am.

The OPiuM I’m talking about is not opium the drug, but OPM as in Other People’s Minds.

Here’s the hard question I had to ask myself:  What is preventing me from being more successful?

The answer I came up with is how I use my time.  It’s not the quantity of time; it’s the quality of time.

The next question I asked myself was, “If I were to take 25% of the things I do off my plate to free up 25% of my time to do other things, what would it be?”

Reason for my question is after taking a step back and looking at how I spend my time, I realized I was spending far too much on things other people could do and most likely do better.

With that realization, I began to wonder what I could achieve if I didn’t spend so much of my time doing what others could do.

I’ve set a goal for myself to take 10 hours of activities a week off of my plate.  You ask how?

I’m delegating far more and at the same time finding additional resources (other people’s minds) I can tap into.

If I’m able to take 10 hours of lower level activities off of my plate for 5 consecutive years, it would mean I would have 50 additional hours a week to do more productive activities.

Is it going to require some creative thinking to achieve the goal?  It sure is, and it is also going to require that I am willing to let go of things I’ve held too close for too long.

Stop and ask yourself the question, “What is it I can have somebody else do?”

Think seriously about the stuff you’re doing, and get focused on cutting some of that stuff loose to someone else.  In the end, it’s your productivity and your success.

Here’s to using more OPiuM — Other People’s Minds!

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