You may or may not be a big sports fan.

Either way, I urge you to be aware of what is going on in some of the more visible sports, including football and baseball, at this time of year.

Chances are that you have prospects and customers who are fans not only of a particular sport, but possibly of a specific team.

Listen closely in conversations and you can pick up clues that a person is interested in what is happening in the National Football League or in Major League Baseball (or in other sports such as soccer, golf, basketball, etc.)

You can also pick up great information simply by recognizing they have team memorabilia in their office.  Noticing items like this can give you a comfortable way to engage them in conversation and learn more about their level of interest.

Generating conversation is so vital as you are building a relationship where sales are more likely to happen.

Key is to be genuine about it.

If you have a customer who is a big Chicago Cubs fan, then by all means, learn a bit about the Cubs.  If you’ve never been interested in baseball before, you might be surprised at what you learn!

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